Cosplay Contest

Written By: laurenlynne

Cosplay Contest Rules

1. Each entrant must be registered for Webcomics Con.  The contest will be held on Saturday.  Award announcements will be made during the closing ceremony on Sunday.

2. Event is first come, first serve.  One costume only.

3. Entrants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

4. All props must meet convention safety guidlines.

5. Costumes may be from a Webcomic, Comic, Anime, Manga, ect.  Original characters will be noted are harder to judge due to lack of references.

6. By registering for the Webcomics Con Cosplay contest all entrants agree to allow Webcomics Con to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.  Release forms will be available at sign-in.

7. Costumes will be judged individually or as a group, but with no more than five members.

8. The costume contest is a craftsmanship contest.  Judges will be looking at it by its construction, creativity, and accuracy.  If the wearer is a model of the costume, the creator MUST be present in room.  Note: Having help with parts of a costume is fine, but majority of the work must be made by the creator entering.


  • Youth: Contestants beneath the age of 13. Please be aware that they must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Novice: Contestants who have won fewer than three major awards for craftsmanship costume competitions at any other conventions.
  • Journeymen: Contestants that have won at least one major awards at novice, but less than three additional major awards for craftsmanship costume competitions at Journeyman level
  • Masters: (Also known as Craftsman) Contestants who have won four or more major awards for craftsmanship costume competitions at Journeymen level

NOTE: Performance awards do not count towards division awards.
NOTE: Major award = Best/First.
Minor award = Honorable mentions, 2nd place, or runners up.
Novice entries can compete in a higher Division, and Journeyman may opt to register as Crafstman, but be expected to compete at that level.

If you have won at a higher award, you can no longer go down to lower levels

Important notes:

  • Remember this is first come, first serve, so come early.
  • References. Do not assume judges know your costume or character! Accuracy is part of the judging, so bring references so we can see how you portrayed your character

  • Group cosplays will be judged at the highest division amongst your members.
  • Questions will be asked, and your costume may be touched and observed by the members. Although we ask no more than 10 minutes of inspection and Q&A, we’d like to hear all about your costume, so feel free to talk in length about how the costume was made! Feel proud of your work!

Awards will be as Follows:

Best of Crafstman
Best of Journeyman
Best of Novice
Best of Youth
Runner up for each level
Judge’s choice
Best Web Comic Character


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