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Adobe Illustrator Panel – Greg Dean and Elizabeth Dean
Greg and Liz from Real Life comics will be doing an instructional panel on Adobe Illustrator.

Awkward Zombie Q & A – Katie Tiedrich and Norrin Hester
Katie will be discussing and answering questions about her webcomic: Awkward Zombie!

Believing in the impossible: the creative process in action – Phil Kahn and T. Campbell
An examination on the correlation between plausibility in fantasy fiction and popularity. Do people prefer their fantasy realistic and their reality fantastic? And from a creator standpoint, how do you bend the laws of plausibility to sell people on rocket-powered chicken people?

Character Design Live – Yan “Kern” Gagné
Yan will cover the creation of unique characters and with audience participation will make a new character!

Crash Course in Figure Drawing.  Come on guys, you need to know this. – Matt Berry
A basic look at how to draw the human figure for comic books.

Digital Coloring for Comics – Mary Garren
A tutorial on coloring comics lead by Mary Garren of Drow Tales.

The Dreamland Chronicles Q & A – Scott Christian Sava
Scott will be discussing and answering questions about his webcomic: The Dreamland Chronicles!

Dr McNinja Q & A – Chris Hastings
Chris will be discussing and answering questions about his webcomic: Dr McNinja!

Fantasy and webcomics – Michael “Mookie” Terracciano, Scott Christian Sava, Chris Hazelton
An indepth discussion about Fantasy in webcomics.

Getting Started with Comicpress workshop – Eric Kimball
A workshop for those interested in learning about comicpress and starting their own webomic site.

The Good, the bad, and the ugly of webcomic living – Chris Hastings, Gordon McAlpin, Katie Tiedrich, and Greg Dean.
Explore the trials and tribulations of webcomic creation as our guests discuss their own histories!

Graphic Design – Elizabeth Dean
A panel about Graphic Design lead by Liz from Real Life comics.

Hell is other people: collaboration in comics – Phil Kahn, T. Campbell, Krazy Krow, Yan “Kern” Gagné, Mary Garren, Chris Hastings
A panel on the topic of sharing a creative vision with someone else. Panelists will talk about a few notable creative pairings in the scene and what they’re doing right, the experience of having to share the final edit, and the benefits of having an editor.

How to fail at webcomics – Krazy Krow
Krazy Krow covers the do’s and don’ts of webcomics… but mostly the don’ts.

How to put comics on the Internet – Phil Kahn and T. Campbell
There’s no one way to make a comic strip, but there’s a substantial amount of distribution method that straight up works. This will focus less on the craft of making comics and more on the process of getting them online and some realtalk on expectations for getting started in webcomics on a committed level, using lots of freely available or inexpensive tools.  

The Internet is for porn – Eric Kimball
Come explore the ins and outs of the internet! (18+)

Making comic strips A-Z – Matt Berry
A session on making a comic strip from concept to completion.

Misfiles Q & A – Chris Hazelton
Chris will be discussing and answering questions about his webcomic: Misfiles!

Multiplex Q & A – Gordon McAlpin
Gordon will be discussing and answering questions about his webcomic: Multiplex!

The Pitch workshop – Eric Kimball
Have you ever thought of how to pitch a comic or an idea? Come and try your technique out!

Real Life Comics Panel – Greg Dean and Elizabeth Dean
Greg will be discussing and answering questions about his webcomic: Real Life Comics!

Significant Others of Webcomics – Elizabeth Dean, Mary Garren, Norrin Hester, Lauren Panepinto
A discussion about significant others of webcomics. What will be said in this panel? All we know is that the significant others won’t be allowed!*(18+)

Super Art Fight – Super Art Fight
A Super Art fight is to be had! They make their first debut at Webcomics Con and they plan to make it a memorable one! Come see a spectacle that is not to be missed!

From Webcomics to Newspaper Syndication – Michael Kandalaft
“That Monkey Tune” creator Michael Kandalaft will talk about how his comic strip “That Monkey Tune” went from being a web cartoon to being a syndicated newspaper comic strip now appearing throughout the US and Canada.

Understanding Photoshop – Eric Kimball
A workshop tutorial about Photoshop.

Video Games and Comics – Katie Tiedrich
Come see Katie as she discusses how video games and webcomics relate and the difficulties in remaining fresh.

Writing Unique Heroes and Memorable Villains – Michael “Mookie” Terracciano
Mookie has a panel that cannot be missed! What sort of secrets of writing will he reveal? You’ll have to come and see!










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