Code of Conduct

Written By: Richard

Webcomics Con is a family event, we want everyone to have fun and be safe.  That having been said, please abide by the following rules.

1. A Webcomics Con badge must be worn and in plain site at all times, no exceptions.  If a badge is lost please contact a Webcomics Con staff member to have it replaced.

2.  Do not leave personal possessions unattended, a Webcomic Con staff member will not watch them for you.  Webcomics Con is in no way responsible for lost or stolen items.  If you lose something you may check with a staff member to see if it has been turned in.

3.  No signs are permitted unless they are part of a cosplay.  Any sign with obscene language or pictures, or that is deigned obscene by a Webcomics con staff member, will be removed by a Webcomics Con staff member.

4.  No weapons are permitted at Webcomics Con, this includes but is not limited to; knives, swords, nunchucks, guns, staffs, and bows.  If you purchase a weapon from a vendor it must immediately be brought to a hotel room, car, or home.  There are no exceptions.

5. Props for cosplay may not exceed 6 feet in length.  Any prop deemed dangerous by Webcomics con must immediately be removed from the convention space, regardless of size.

6.  Do not use props in any manner deemed unsafe such as in mock-fighting or hitting.

7. For safety purpose no wheelies, skateboards, roller-skates, or scooters are permitted within the convention center.


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