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Webcomics Con 2011 Exhibitors:


Dave Altuna – I Am A Stuffed Animal.comhttp://www.iamastuffedanimal.com/

Stefanie Battalene – Lost Novahttp://lostnova.smackjeeves.com/comics/

Nicole Begeusse – Sailor Games and Angel Boyhttp://sailor-games.com/ http://angelboy.com/

Matt Berry – Mattman: Dinosaur Hunterhttp://www.mmdhcomic.com/

Matt Bianci – Jelly Bean Sniper Studioshttp://jellybeansniper.net/

Joanne Bisogno – I Am A Stuffed Animal.comhttp://www.iamastuffedanimal.com/

Mike Bisogno – I Am A Stuffed Animal.comhttp://www.iamastuffedanimal.com/

Greg Blazer – Owl’s Mirror Studiohttp://owlsmirror.com/

Phyll Brown – Fashionably Challenged Comicshttp://fcwebcomics.wordpress.com/

Steve (Author Ninja) Burt – Mob Tieshttp://www.drunkduck.com/Mob_Ties/

Sean Callahan – nickelPUNKhttp://nickelpunk.com/

Greg Cashman – Two Steps Backhttp://www.twostepsbackcomic.com/

Lisa Cavalear – Happy Kitty Studiohttp://projectpoppet.com/

Ted Cavooris – Two Steps Backhttp://www.twostepsbackcomic.com/

Naomi Craig – The Prime of Ambitionhttp://jaadrih.comicgenesis.com/

Rosie Cunningham – Owl’s Mirror Studiohttp://owlsmirror.com/

Joseph England – Zebra Girlhttp://www.zebragirl.net/

Alyssa Follansbee – The Prime of Ambitionhttp://jaadrih.comicgenesis.com/

Samantha Griglack – Of Light and Chaoshttp://olac.smackjeeves.com/

Alasdair Hyndman – Out At Homehttp://www.out-at-home.com/

Jason Jarek – Quilts and Crafts by Tonihttp://www.tnitnetny.deviantart.com/

Michael Kandalaft – That Monkey Tunehttp://thatmonkeytune.com/

Stephannie Kaufman – Kalopsiac Works

Daniel Littlefield – Scabbards and Godshttp://scabbardsandgods.com/

Karen Kaye Llamas – *FailedJuliethttp://failedjuliet.deviantart.com/

Patrick Mallon – Milk for Dead Hamstershttp://milkfordeadhamsters.com/

Paola Martinez – Dainty Creationshttp://daintycreations.com/

Shane McCarthy – Jelly Bean Sniper Studioshttp://jellybeansniper.net/

George McKay – Jorge’s Homehttp://www.jorgeshome.net/

Ivonne Moran – Tainted Sweetshttp://www.taintedsweets.com/

Stephanie Moran – Tainted Sweetshttp://www.taintedsweets.com/

Dave Nguyen – Scabbards and Godshttp://scabbardsandgods.com/

Sarah ODonnell – Rumbirdshttp://www.rumbirds.com

Leididiana Ortega – ERJhttp://erj.me/

Nick Palazzo – Nick Palazzo Arthttp://www.nickpalazzoart.com/

Jessi Pascal – Geeks Next Doorhttp://geeksnextcomic.com/

Matt Pascal – Geeks Next Doorhttp://geeksnextcomic.com/

Emily Pici – Hell Inchttp://www.hellinccomic.com/

Kevin Roddy – Jorge’s Homehttp://www.jorgeshome.net/

Enrique Rodriguez – ERJhttp://erj.me/

Chelsea Sachs-Mishalanie – Medley Souphttp://medleysoup.com/

Darren Silvers – Fashionably Challenged Comicshttp://fcwebcomics.wordpress.com/

Toni Smith – Quilts and Crafts by Tonihttp://www.tnitnetny.deviantart.com/

Amy Tayloe – Medley Souphttp://medleysoup.com/

Jordan Trana – Kalopsiac Works

Marten Vanzwietering – Hell Inchttp://www.hellinccomic.com/

Jerome Walford – Nowhere Manhttp://www.comixmag.com/

Alex Wendzel – Out At Homehttp://www.out-at-home.com/

Kim Williams – Fashionably Challenged Comicshttp://fcwebcomics.wordpress.com/

Jess (Indybot) Williamson – Whateverland USAhttp://www.drunkduck.com/Whateverland_USA/

Christopher Wrann – Aquarium Drinkinghttp://aquariumdrinking.com/

Nathan Wrann – Aquarium Drinkinghttp://aquariumdrinking.com/

Jonathan Yee – Asian Snack Timehttp://www.asiansnacktime.com/


Exhibiting at Webcomics Con is a good opportunity to get your name out to the public here on the East Coast, network with fellow webcomickers/artist/writers/etc., and sell your merchandise. Exhibitors have webcomics, are artists, writers, or are generally involved with digital comics in general. If you have any questions whether being an exhibitor is for you feel free to contact us through our forums.

The following are the types of registration we have for Exhibitors. Please note that at this time we have a limit of 2 tables per group.

You can register by clicking here.

Exhibitor Registration Information:
Each order reserves 1 six foot table along with an exhibitor’s registration for Webcomics Con 2011. Included is one chair. Exhibitors who want more registrations and chairs should purchase Exhibitor Assistant Registrations. Max of 2 Assistant Registrations per Exhibitor Registrations.

Those with needs for power please note it with your order or it may not be available.

Exhibitor Assistant Registration Information:
Exhibitor Assistant Registrations may only be purchased by those who also purchase at least 1 Exhibitor Registration. Each Assistant Registration comes with another chair and full weekend registration for Webcomics Con 2011.


  1. Indigo says:

    This section is relevant to my interests.

  2. ScribblingDM says:

    Is this open/is it opening soon?
    I would like to put in for a table for me and my 2 friends.
    That is pretty much 3 webcomic creators at one table.

  3. We just found out about this Con – how exciting to find one so close to us! Signing up now!

    –TM, writer of Hell Inc and Bionic Yeti.

  4. Chris says:

    I’d love to see a list of exhibitors. This isn’t a short drive for me, but if certain creators will be there, it would certainly make it more worth the effort.

  5. Maracate says:

    There are still plenty of tables available, right?

  6. Dan says:

    Is Chris Hastings going to be added to this list? (Creator, DR. McNinja)

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